Acceleration of Digitization in Business

Acceleration of Digitization in Business
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Covid-19 has change everything we used to be, and one noticeable change is the way we work. A global pandemic has forced us to work from home and made businesses accelerate digitization process. In March, Microsoft reported a 775% massive increase in cloud services, 44 million daily Teams users and 900 million meeting minutes weekly, particularly in regions that enforced social distancing.


Hitch On launches BeONE – a Hosted PBX service

With the force of pushing companies to go digital, Hitch On launched BeONE, a Hosted, or Cloud PBX platform powered by Yeastar. With this service, companies can almost run from anywhere. Our clients who have embraced Cloud were able to continue business operations from home while battling Covid-19.

Work from Home is a trend to stay

Even post pandemic, we foresee that remote working revolution continues as many employees enjoy greater flexibility and saving times in commuting to work. Hence, embracing Hosted PBX and other cloud solutions is an effective way to run business almost at anywhere you want.

Why BeONE?

  • Simple

  • Affordable

  • Many functions that enhance your business communications

  • Microsoft Teams compatible

    why be one

A total Teams compatible solution from Hitch On

We offer hosted PBX platform and SIP Trunk packages together. If you need IP phone, look no more than Yealink. Yealink is the global market leader in IP Phones and video conferencing solution. With Hitch On, now you can enjoy extended 3 years warranty for selected Yealink products.

Want to know more about BeONE, IP Phones and Video Conferencing solutions? Contact us now!

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