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Lets our experience and track records speak themselves

Hitch On team are able to design a range of ICT infrastructure and Security systems ranging from a structured cabling system to a fully IP based network comprising; data, fibre, access control, CCTV and building management systems.

As IP based systems become more popular and standard, Hitch On turnkey solutions offers our clients and partners a one-stop-shop for an installation company.

Working across a wide range of industries, including education, financial services, technology, telecommunications, government and media, Hitch On support leading global organizations plan, establish and manage ICT infrastructure and connectivity they need for productive workplaces and efficient data centers.

Complimentary Consultation
Hitch On can assist you in assessing your ICT infrastructure and Security needs. Our approach will look at not only your immediate applications but will also take into account any future requirements, future growth of your organization and possible technology changes which could impact upon your cabling needs.

Site Surveys
Hitch On are available to complete a comprehensive analysis of your current site and be able to highlight any factors that may impact the final solution. All factors such as site layout, building regulations and Health & Safety (H & S) issues are among the conditions that will be incorporated into the chosen solution. Hitch On teams is equipped with the necessary certification and devices to perform site surveys in a rough environment such as construction sites.

Hitch On have dedicated teams of engineers that work for the three main divisions of the company; ICT Infrastructure, Security and IT Hardware installation.

Hitch On certify every cable and every piece of hardware that makes the ‘system’. We use the latest testing equipment such as the EXFO/Fluke series testers and analyzed according to international standards such as the TIA/EIA or ISO standards on the testing procedure for the structured cabling system. All test results are documented in both soft and hard copies. The commissioning includes cut-over activities such as moving of equipment, cross-connecting and patching activities beyond the services offered by most of our competitors. This is to ensure a seamless and trouble-free ICT network and telecommunication infrastructure performance.

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