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Revolutionary of building structure cabling

Hitch On provide solution for the latest ways of utilizing fibre infrastructure in buildings. It has create the excitement especially developers as it has reduce their building total structure cabling investment up to 30% minimum.

GPON is a fiber based technology which can deliver high speed Date, Video and Voice Services on a Passive Optical Network. It can deliver 2.5Gbps data rate on download and 1.2Gbps on uplink. It use broadcasting for downlink and uses TDMA technology for data Uplink. In short, it is a Single communication infrastructure for High Speed Internet, Voice and Video.


We covers Fiber to the Building (FTTB), Fiber to the Home (FTTH) and Fiber to the Home & Building – FTTH-B.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower Cost: Up to 70% Lower Capital Costs
    – Greatly reduces maintenance costs and total cost of ownership
  • Less Power: Up to 80% Lower Power Utilization
    – Less than 5 watts per end-user
    – Significant reduction in utility costs – operational benefit
    – Can alleviate the need to add or upgrade cooling systems
  • Less Space: Up to 90% Reduction in Floor, Rack, and Closet Space
    – Requires less floor and rack space
    – Able to retrofit into smaller riser closets
    – Lower cost of deployment and ownership
  • Energy Star Qualification as Small Network Equipment
    – Qualification pending for ONT models
    – GPON vendors are key stakeholder in this qualification process

Hitch On solution provides versatile fiber connectivity for service providers according to the deployment requirements. Service providers can highly optimize and integrate various FTTx applications with the freedom to deploy services easily on GPON, GEPON, Active Fiber solutions with OLT, ONU/ONT and active fiber gateways.

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