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Hitch On offers 3CX Cloud PBX / Call Center – Gain Control and Cut Cost!

This post is updated on August 21, 2017

Cloud PBX demand is growing. Virtual PBXs are attractive to smaller businesses but come with a price: Existing cloud PBXs have basic feature sets, run on shared servers with other PBXs and the companies providing them take control of the PBX and your data. What’s more they lock you into specific IP Phone hardware and SIP trunks and are expensive. Moving away to another service is difficult. This will be a recipe for disaster for customers and resellers.


3CX is a cloud-ready PBX, designed to be self hosted in the cloud as a dedicated instance, giving customers full control over their PBX and data. Rather than a scaled-down basic PBX, 3CX offers customers a fully virtualized instance, together with the advanced feature set that 3CX is known for. Now customers can enjoy a Cloud PBX without compromising functionality.


Why go with Hitch On 3CX Cloud PBX / Call Center:


  • Save big – no more per extension pricing
  • Cut your phone bill – use cost effective SIP trunks
  • Switch between On-premise or hosted at any time
  • Peace of mind – cloud PBX platform supported by 24 x 7 NOC team


For further information regarding our 3CX Cloud PBX / Call Center solutions, please call sales on +603 6419 0638 and/or email us at